Favorite crime films: Out Of Sight 

Out of Sight has become one of my very favorite movies in recent years. Every bit of this movie is seeped in cool, characters, dialogue and the story. Anything based of an Elmore Leonard novel is going to have sharp dialogue, cool, engaging characters and a wild story. In my opinion George Clooney has rarely been more cool and suave. Jennifer Lopez fits into her role as the one step ahead Federal Marshall Karen Sisco. This is a must see for fans of Crime Thrillers and Heist Films.


Classic Movie Series: Some Like It Hot

I have to admit something, before yesterday I had never sat down an watched Some Like It Hot from start to finish. I had only caught bits and pieces here and there. I am a big fan of all involved in the movie , Wilder, Curtis, Lemmon and Monroe of course. Billy Wilder is not only a favorite director but Sunset Blvd is an all time favorite movie of mine. Some Like It Hot is one of those movies that is effortlessly charming, that you keep a smile on your face from beginning to end. The comedy is great, I imagine each watch you pick up on a new joke or a line of dialogue, I’m somewhat embarassed this is my first complete viewing.