Favorite Movies of 2016: The Nice Guys

2016 is drawing to a close and what a year it has been,  I’m going to talk about my favorite movies of this year that I have watched and thought were great. Unfortunately many of the well known or heavy hitters I have yet to see but I’m working on that. The Nice Guys was one of my most anticipated movies to see and it delivered on all levels. Shane Black’s first directed movie “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” has become one of my all time favorite movies, the Nice Guys is right up there with it. The story wasn’t as strong but I felt everything else hit the mark, acting, dialogue, the characters, etc.

Ryan Gosling (pictured above) was a scene stealer in this movie. He was great as the bumbling, idiotic detective that when given the push was a great private detective. Although great he didn’t overshadow his no nonsense partner played by Russell Crowe or his wise beyond her years daughter, played brilliantly by Angorie  Rice. The Nice Guys is a hilarious, fun filled ride that I highly recommend.